JupyterHub Administration to Empower Research Communities

JupyterHub Administration to Empower Research Communities#

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This lesson is aimed at Hub Champions in charge of 2i2c managed JupyterHubs in the cloud. Learn the fundamentals of administering your hub and providing user support to your research and education communities.

Training is delivered over two synchronous workshops, each one hour in length a week apart. The week in between is dedicated to self-guided study with asynchronous support provided by the instructors, which we estimate at least four hours of work.

Lesson objectives#

After attending this training, Hub Champions will be able to:

  • explain how interactive cloud computing can empower their user community

  • control user authentication and access to their hub

  • promote the use of cloud resources responsibly to maximize efficiency and minimize carbon emissions

  • apply software environments through containerization

  • navigate the filesystem and transfer data and code to and from the hub

  • provide user support and troubleshoot common issues


( ⭐ indicates this episode is delivered via a one hour synchronous workshop)

Acknowledgements and Funding#

We would like to acknowledge Chan Zuckerberg Initiative funding for The Catalyst Project “A Collaborative Interactive Computing Service Model for Global Communities” and our partner organisations:

Contacting us#

If you would like to get in touch with us, then please open an issue or email support@2i2c.org.